Women’s Day – A Shout Out, a Hope!

Women’s Day – A Shout Out, a Hope!

In the light of Women’s Day’s thoughts and wishes, I totally stand by what is said to be the most clichéd statement – A change in society can only be brought by its Women. Be it a wife, a teacher, a colleague, a sister, a friend, a daughter or most importantly, a Mother.
I often wonder, “Why is it that some women don’t get a partner in the marriage but only a husband? A husband who is there for the family, just financially – for food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education.”

Is it just the upbringing of the boy that he finds himself to be a misfit when it comes to being more than a provider in the household? Or is the girl’s upbringing equally responsible for this clear division of roles in the household?

As per the checklist of Marriage:

  • the girl should know cooking, irrespective of whether the boy knows making even tea or not,
  • the boy should earn enough to take care of the household expenses and save enough for the future while it is only an added advantage if the girl can earn but not necessary (there are families who prefer a non-earning girl).

Absolutely correct, a girl should know cooking indeed, but a boy should also be able to cook at least basic meals – that’s important. Cooking is a life skill that anyone who lives should have. But then a girl should also be so much able that if she wants to or the need be, she can at least earn for herself and contribute to the household – that’s important too. Earning is also a life skill.
Marriage is a partnership and not only a social formality. Both the partners form the ground of a future family and a well balanced, healthy relationship is the plinth of the future. The ground should be strong and plinth deep enough to hold a strong building of the future family. If there is a crack, it needs to be mended in time so as to prevent the whole building from crashing down.
Balance is the key to any relationship; whether it is friendship, marriage, parenting or work. A balance between yin and yang, love and hate, give and take, man and woman. Many times during married life, we tend to lose balance. The partnership survives if both parties are ‘strong’ enough to ‘support’ each other in times of crisis.
We are already teaching our ‘supportive’ girls to be ‘strong’ but are yet to teach our ‘strong’ boys to be ‘supportive’.

Here the role of women, especially Mothers of boys, comes into the limelight. After all, Mother is a child’s first teacher and the most influential one too.

On this occasion of Women’s Day, I would like to wish a ‘Happy Women’s Day‘ to the mothers of boys this time.
Thank You‘ to women who have raised empathetic, sensitive and supportive boys and ‘Power‘ to mothers who still have this job in their hands.

So Ladies, go ahead and show your little heroes how to be a partner and not just a husband.

Let’s create a better world for our generations to come – both Men and Women. 🙂

  • Ajoy Sinha
    Posted at 16:32h, 09 March Reply

    Nice article on the occasion of women’s day.
    It is fact that in most cases women get husbands in marriage and very few lucky ones get partners.
    Actually this is because of culture of Indian societies.
    Nowadays some change is happening and boys are becoming partners and not just husbands. But a long way has to go.
    Hope for success for your ideas and views.

    • Jagriti Chhabra
      Posted at 08:21h, 21 March Reply

      Thank You for sharing your views and also for the best wishes. Let us hope things will get better with the generation that is growing up today to be spouses tomorrow, both – girls and boys.

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