About Me

Jagriti Chhabra

Once an enthusiast, always an enthusiast. Having written my first(and only till date) fairytale at the age of 10, I have always been a writer in my heart and soul.Being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law and a citizen of our esteemed country exposes me to a plethora of emotional experiences everyday. Music, reading and being on road makes me happy. Some quick cooking and loads of adoration from my toddler makes my day brighter. I like hosting get togethers which puts me in a position to have various views and angles of things.

The exposures I get from multiple sources send me pondering every now and then. Being an ambivert bordering on introvert zone, Dailywalk is the platform for me to connect with people and see how common or uncommon my thoughts are. One can expect a wide range of topics in my writing ranging from relationships to patriotism, from sarcasm to fun, from kitchen to office, from funny to serious, from babies to civic sense and more.

Looking forward to having a great interaction with you all.