‘The Weekend Fight’

‘The Weekend Fight’

After Monster Monday, Terrifying Tuesday, Worrisome Wednesday, Tired Thursday, Fun Friday comes Saturday and Sunday; the Weekend. – the most awaited days of the week, and it passes in a blink of an eye.

So the weekend has gone and a new week has begun.  After morning rush and dropping off my little one to school, I sit down for a breath and discover that my head is still heavy with yesterday’s argument which obviously I started ‘verbally’ (although, secretly I am still of the view that my words were triggered by his actions – wives you know!). There was a volley of verbal blows between both of us and me, being better with words (blessing!), had a ‘slightly’ upper hand. It stopped when I suffered an unexpected bout of laughter as my toddler raised both her hands, one in each of our direction and shouted ‘No Fighting’.

Now sitting alone, my thoughts start the time travel – Yesterday: the Sunday and then further, The Saturday. We had friends coming over on Saturday night for a small get together so obviously we had a good time, my tiny tot slept on time on a weekend, indeed I had a good time (only mothers understand this…Right?), Sunday afternoon – got lunch delivered at home and a movie on our mini home theatre (Yes, I collectively call my LED TV and Bluetooth speaker that), amazing feeling but still I could feel the angst building within me since lunchtime. Seeing my now-lesser-tolerant-half lying on his bean bag for the past 2 hours, his expressions, his body language and something fishy told me to leave my hope. We women or maybe mothers have a strong sixth sense that leads to premonitions, and mine was, ‘WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO OUT TODAY TOO’. Whaaaat??? Noooooo…

Being the optimist that I am, I did not give up. I waited patiently so that he can have a lazy afternoon with his Sunday, I waited for him to get up, and then, ‘Mera number aayega’ (my turn will come); I took care of the little one so that he can have a power nap too…yeah…too good to be me but I actually did that.

 “I waited for him to rise n shine and take us out to shop n dine.

 but alas he got his energies back so late, by then I had understood my fate,

 I guess this is every homemaker’s weekend story,

the one who goes out to work wants a break from going out, and the one who works at home needs the weekend in its full glory.

We many times come up with a solution; follow it for a while,

 it brings back the tandem and that relaxed smile,

after a few weeks, we are back to our original style,

despising to go that extra mile.

But for the records in the file,

We are still Happily Married; with a frown sometimes and sometimes a smile.”

This is my story and it happens at least once every month, we have been trying to find a solution to it for the past 2 years and the struggle is on..

What’s your weekend story?

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