The Positive in Negativity

Photo by David Clode

The Positive in Negativity

The Corona crisis has brought in many changes in our day to day lives, the way we think and the way we approach a situation. A commendable thing that has come out as a result of this is Self-discipline. We are characters of a catastrophe movie and we have got to be our own heroes. Barring some people, who just don’t seem to understand the importance of this social distancing and lockdown or are intentionally breaching the safety rules, everyone else is serious enough to fall in line and follow what the authorities have been shouting from the rooftops.

The lockdown has locked us in our houses without house helps, without a smooth supply of groceries, without vegetable and fruits, without any place to walk around and without any place to go to.

Initially, I was very happy as if an unplanned vacation has started and I was happy with everyone at home – safe and in sight. Then began the phase of being worn out when I was tired of cooking and cleaning which left me wondering, “Who are these people who have all the time in the world to be innovative, creative and try new activities every day? The likes of Dalgona Coffee Challenge or Hand Emojis challenge or Online Antakshari; social media was overflowing with such posts” and here I was, unable to even keep up with my little one, daily chores and cooking. But after 8-9 days of sending SOS feelers to all the family members, fine-tuning our routines and making some adjustments, the new life and lifestyle found its way. Now it is liberating to know that we are home and safe with our dear ones, we have basic food supply and access to medication. Suddenly life seems stable and peaceful. This is all we need to live a satisfactory life.

Although the household chores are still as demanding but now I am happy to have a home big enough to fit in my family and just sufficient space to move around. Professionally, working from home is not feasible all the time but thanks to the current scenario, now we know the importance of life, family, health and mental peace. Our priorities are set right by this deadly virus. Minimalistic life suddenly has garnered understanding.

We don’t need to run from pillar to post to make ends meet. We don’t need to have an excess of everything. Abundance and excess have different meanings now. Air is fresher, rivers and oceans are cleaner, neighbours are caring, minds are clearer, hearts are thankful and smiles are unadulterated. Is this the blessed life we all long for?

After all this, the question that comes to my mind is, ‘Do we really need to run around helter-skelter all the time? Doesn’t it make us happy watching over our children while they grow and explore new things? When spouses work as a team while cooking or caring for elderly parents, does it not makes one feel complete?
What will happen after the lockdown is over? Will all of us move out like a flock of birds suddenly freed from a cage? Or will we have the patience and sense to take one step at a time and take to the old-new life slowly? Will we miss this lockdown phase for some reason or will we just be thankful that it is over?  And most important of all, will we take home any lesson from this situation or just continue to live life as it was- complex and rushed?

  • Puneeta Arora
    Posted at 05:32h, 08 April Reply

    I’m totally connected with this perspective
    .Surely humans will learn to live with its environment. Your words have touched me deeply.

    • Jagriti Chhabra
      Posted at 22:09h, 09 April Reply

      Thank You. Glad to know that the feeling resonates with you. Praying for the world in such testing times.

  • Chetna
    Posted at 07:35h, 08 April Reply

    This is so true. I guess mostly everybody who is sane enough to see how positive this lockdown has turned out to be, wonders similar questions. Truly lives have changed drastically and our view too, as to how we see life and other “extra” things.
    Beautifully written 🙂

    • Jagriti Chhabra
      Posted at 22:23h, 09 April Reply

      Thank You. Let us hope we all learn lessons to keep from this situation. Prayers for everyone.

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