The New Lines Reveal!!

The New Lines Reveal!!

I sit down after a day’s work, take a deep breath and a few moments later randomly pick a magazine to browse through. I open the first page and as I finish it, my eyes casually glide down to my palm.

I notice there are many new lines apart from my ‘lines of destiny’, as said by the astrologers. These new lines are crisscrossed all over my hand, small in size – like healed cuts, wrinkles of mildly burnt skin, the dry and stretched skin of my palm and fingers, nails have become so soft that they bend and crack at slight friction or accidental force, so frequently that eventually, I had to cut them short.

For a moment I am scared – Am I getting old? Are my hands giving out signs of ageing?

But I have still not lived my life, my best years can’t be past yet, I still have a long and unfulfilled bucket list and it is getting longer every day, my baby is still little and needs me around her all day for small things, I am still not as successful as I had wanted myself to be by my old age, there are pending things that need my young energy, I still have not spent enough time with my parents and with all those who actually matter in my life, my dreams need me young right now; I can’t be turning old so soon? I just cannot afford to get old right now…Not possible, No no no… but then what are these new lines? Why are they there? What are they telling me?

Suddenly, a voice from the other room asks me, “Bartan aur pochha kar ke lotion lagaya haathon pe? (Have you applied lotion on your hands after washing utensils and doing the cleaning ) Do that or your hands will turn dry.”

Ooooookkk…this is it. I come back to my reality and realize that I haven’t done that(forgetful me or lazy me). Thank God! So here was the revelation, these are my ‘Lockdown Hands’ not ‘Aging Hands’ – After 4 months of cleaning, washing, dusting, cooking, sanitizing and washing hands with soap for 20 seconds 10 times in a day, this is what these new lines were telling me – “Moisturize Kaun Karega beta? (Who will moisturize baby?)”

Ahh…What a relief! So I get up, smother my hands with an intense moisturizer and massage them for maximum absorption. Actually I wanted to erase those lines that had come for a moment and gently reminded of my life’s meaning. I was happy after 2 minutes, not just because those new lines had almost vanished but also because I still had time for my dreams, my parents, my child and to create a life I can be happy with when I actually get old. I am going to start working on it now and get to it before my time is over.

Note: The OLD mentioned here is not a pre-defined age in numbers, it is a time of your life when you believe that you have lived your life and created it the way you always wanted. So it doesn’t matter if one is 26 or 62 or even 82 years old, live and work for your dream/s till you get it done.

Best Wishes for a fulfilling life!:)

Stay Safe, Stay Active!

  • Niket Sinha
    Posted at 08:46h, 19 July Reply

    This is truth spoken!

    • Jagriti Chhabra
      Posted at 09:00h, 20 July Reply

      Yes. Thank You. 🙂

  • Anuja patil
    Posted at 08:58h, 19 July Reply

    So nice ….🌹 loved reading it ….

    • Jagriti Chhabra
      Posted at 08:57h, 20 July Reply

      Thank You.:)

  • Shweta Verma
    Posted at 12:11h, 19 October Reply

    You define the priorities of life in such sober way

    • Jagriti Chhabra
      Posted at 05:20h, 25 October Reply

      Thank You Shweta:). I am grateful for such kind words.

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