The Glorious Rains!! :)

The Glorious Rains!! :)

When I raise my head to bask in the glory of raindrops, all I can see is the thick layer of grey clouds that cover the whole sky giving the world a gloomy, dull look. Everything seems to be brooding.  But the reality is, these clouds bring true colours to our lives – the lush greens, the flowers, the Rainbow, the pond full of clear water reflecting the blue sky, chirping birds and the yes – colourful umbrellas and raincoats.

Rains have always been my favourite; probably there is a hardcore romantic hidden in me that hibernates throughout the year but is awakened by the Rains.

The Mumbai showers are accompanied by the sights of ‘Bhutte wala’ selling corn-cob under a small sheet of plastic, the sudden crowd at the ‘Chai wala’s’ stall, the aroma of hot ‘Vada Pav’ and the ‘Fresh Bhajiyas’ floating in the air, the walk on Marine Drive promenade while getting drenched, the sudden greeneries in the concrete city, the day trip to Lonavala – Khandala, the cool breeze, the just-like-that long drives. I love it all.

Who doesn’t relish the feeling of raindrops splattering on the face but one can enjoy that only on letting go the worldly worries – worry of phone, wallet, shoes, etc. Thanks to the ‘waterproof’ concept of things, all these are taken care of these days except –the Traffic. The mood spoilers are the long traffic jams, the severe waterlogging in certain areas, the commute in local trains with a wet floor and fight for ‘Not’ sitting on the window seat during a downpour for obvious reasons, which is otherwise the most ‘sought after’ and ‘fought after’ seat in the trains – poor seats! destiny changes for them too with changing season. In fact, I think, if one takes away the traffic and commute worries from the monsoon, most of the people would love the rainy season and the thick grey clouds.

Irrespective of whether one likes to get wet or not, Rain brings something for everyone. Even after it has stopped, it leaves behind:

  • The Fun for children who are sitting in their homes right now with their mothers instructing them not to go out in rain, they will come out to play in puddles of water, rowing their paper boats;
  • The Romance for the youngster who is currently sitting in front of her window, glued to her phone, talking to her prince charming, she will go out to meet him with affectionate eyes;
  • The Playfulness for little puppies that are now cuddled up with their mother, they will come out and chase each other;
  • The Charm for the newly married who are working in the office but looking dreamily at the rain from  the window, they will meet and ride back home together creating memories for the future;
  • The Nostalgia for an elderly couple that is looking at the rain from a distance, they will reach to their terrace to re-live those young days in the cool-crisp air.

Life is about joys after sorrows, happiness after sadness, solutions after problems, colours after dullness, excitement after worries, monsoon after scorching summer AND a free life after this Corona phase!

So, for now, enjoy the showers from balconies with some homemade delicacies; let us all stay safe, strong and alive this monsoon so that we are ready to enjoy the next rainy season with double the immunity, strength, enthusiasm and excitement.

Do share any special experiences so that together we can enjoy glorious rains, virtually this time and in person the next year around.

 Happy Home Monsoon!!

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