Sister Life!

Sister Life!

I was sitting in my balcony, having a sip of tea and texting my ‘Chhoti Behen‘ (younger sister). Suddenly this thought dawned upon me – Life is like a Sister that you get, whether you wanted her or not, whether you liked her or not, she is there. Life can neither be a lover because lovers may come and go, nor a friend because friends are almost always good to you, but a sister.

She is the one who is always on locked horns with you, trying for one-upmanship, highlighting your drawbacks, highly irrational while arguing, makes you lose your temper even cry but you know in the long run she is with you, cheers for you and has full faith in you. She is the one who has grown up with you, knows your triggers and also knows how to calm you down.

Yes, she eyes your favourite possessions, is always unfair to you, eats away your favourite dish from your plate, snatches your new dress but never gives her own and even makes you looked down upon in front of others and what not; but she still has some best intentions for you no matter what. At times she becomes your best friend, sharing bedtime gossip, school/college stories while at other times you just wish that she vanishes in thin air. It is a love-hate relationship with her and so is with life. Life too throws googlies at you, some are missed and some are batted really well, some moments are cherished while sometimes you just want to completely eliminate people or situations. But there is always a firm belief that life has something good in store for you, sooner or later.

As you grow up and mature, sisters accept each other and are more tolerant, understanding even supportive. They might still annoy each other at times but they do look forward to meeting and enjoy being with each other. Similarly, when you mature, you look forward to having some peaceful moments in the hustle-bustle of a routine day and have a Tete-a-Tete with life inspite of its hardships.

Note: My sister is human too and she has done all the above said to me and even worse. We still share that Love-Hate relationship. I know the feeling is mutual wicked Baby Sister!!

Disclaimer: I have loads of respect for the sweet and loving sisters as that is a Rare Species. Mine is the common one and I would not exchange her for a fortune..err….maybe………

So this is my point ‘Life is a Sister’. (Can be a Brother if he is equally annoying and irritating.)

What do you have to say?

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