My Pre-Karwachauth Diary 2020!!

My Pre-Karwachauth Diary 2020!!

Think Karwachauth, think dressed up women in Bridal colours.

The sarees, lehangas, jewellery, make-up all must have been in place by now for most of us who will be observing the fast and taking part in the revelry.

But the basic is still not done at least in my case – the pre-preparatory visit to Salon/Beauty Parlour.

So after the lockdown, everything opened up gradually. But Salons are still limited. Even if few of them are open, not everyone has the courage to visit for a much needed Hair Spa or getting the canvas ready for the quarter bridal or semi bridal makeup. Yes, I have a young kid at home and more than that, I am too scared to visit a Salon during these pandemic times.

So I decided another way, booking doorstep beautician from an established company for my ‘Surat Sudharo Abhiyaan’. I picked up my phone, opened the app, quickly selected the services I wanted to avail, checked the discount voucher and see that ‘No Professionals are available’, not today, tomorrow or the day after. Now all my hope was on ‘We will notify you when the professional is available in your area’.

Ohk, so, I started to plan the backup – Hair and skin (not weight because it is only 4 days to the Event now and I am anyway going to observe the Fast).

I am sure this is not just my story. During these rush hours and last minute bookings, most of the professionals are booked and occupied.

Here is what I have started doing now that it is only 4 days to the event:

  1. I have started doing what I should have started ages back, the regular – cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine (Himalaya Neem Face wash and Dabur Gulabari as a toner for all skin types).
  2. Just 1 hair wash left before the Karwachauth Day Hair wash and I have curly frizzy hair. So today I am going to oil my hair well. Using a mix of coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil. Heat and apply generously.  If not heating, can add 1 spoonful of market bought aloe vera gel, mix and apply. Leave for 20-30 min and then gently massage the scalp with fingertips for 10 min. Keep at least for 4-6 hours during daytime or overnight (only if you do not catch a cold or get a headache). Followed by a regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair also needs a dollop of creamy leave-in serum. The oil really calms down my irritated hair.
  3. 3 days to go, I am going to put on a homemade super face pack for cleansing and exfoliation – The Besan Ubtan. Let a major part dry and then scrub mildly adding little rosewater for smooth movement. Wash off with cold or tap water; moisturize if needed & tadaa!!
  4. One day to go, I will be using the sheet mask that I have been planning to use since at least 2 months, finally, it will be on my face.
  5. Additional tip (as mentioned in an earlier post – Kitchen Cabinet – Our Lockdown Beauty Parlour). Apply potato or tomato juice or a mix of both for tan removal if required, but at least 2 days before the D-Day.

Note – I am trying to keep myself a little more hydrated than how I am usually (my tolerant half likes to call me camel as I can conveniently forget about drinking water for hours).

And yes, nothing works for the face and the heart like a Smile.

So this is my plan while I keep my fingers crossed and hope to get a Professional available soon.

Share your plans and we might just end up getting benefit out of it.

Keep Glowing Ladies!

Happy Karwachauth! 🙂

  • Chetna
    Posted at 06:26h, 01 November Reply

    Very handy guidebook 😀

  • Jasmine
    Posted at 11:18h, 01 November Reply

    Happy karwachauth
    Thanks for the tips dear☺

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