Monday Morning Blues!

Monday Morning Blues!

Hey everyone!

It’s Monday once again and you want to sleep a few minutes extra, the snooze button is your BFF (Best Friend Forever) now and the thought of getting up and running to work makes you tired already.

Welcome to the ‘Monday Morning Blues’ Club, friend. How much ever fun we make of it, take a hearty laugh at it, cringe at its thought on Sunday evening, truth is: it does exist and it is a scientifically proven fact. One of my weird friend used to occasionally take half-day off (the first half obviously) to be able to sleep longer on Monday. This was his way to defeat the Monster named Monday. Sounds childish? But it worked for him. To each his/her own.

But the scientific fact is since we tend to really sleep late on Saturday night, we wake up late on Sunday, the breakfast is skipped or postponed by almost 3-4 hrs, then the late lunch and late dinner. The feeling that ‘weekend is going to end soon’ also starts seeping in. We are out of tandem – physically and mentally. The sleep deficit starts building from Friday itself, thereby disturbing our body clock on which the body operates for 5 out of 7 days in a week. Weekend revelries, get-togethers and other mundane chores like laundry, cleaning, visit to salon or parlour, grocery shopping and tens and hundreds of such tasks bag a good part of our free time on a weekend. The result is – drowsiness and lethargy the next morning – The Monday Morning.

We, after a little research along with some expert suggestions and personal experiences, bring you some tips to beat those blues and assist in having a great Monday:

  1. Go to bed on time on Sunday night or if possible, half an hour earlier than the usual time. Your body and brain will thank you for this.
  2. Take time to choose and lay out your clothes and accessories on Sunday night itself. It gives you a struggle-free and peaceful start.
  3. Prepare for the breakfast and lunch on Sunday night itself. This will avoid the kitchen marathon the next morning.
  4. If you want a relaxed start, try to set the alarm 10 min later than usual time. It’s a luxury to sleep-in a few minutes extra on a working day. And anyways if your breakfast and morning wear is ready in advance, office snack is packed and already in the bag, you can have 10 extra minutes at your leisure.
  5. Exercise a little – Just 10 min stretching or basic breathing exercises will do a lot to lift up your spirit and keep it up for Monday at least.
  6. Finish up your shower with a jolt of cold water or if possible have a cold-water bath. It brings grogginess to an end instantly.
  7. Monday Morning doesn’t have to be Blue, whether it’s your mood or your dress. Go colourful inside and out. Get dressed up and wear an outfit that makes you look and feel good. This way you will look forward to stepping out for work and compliments are bound to make your Monday brighter.
  8. Take out 5 minutes to have a filling breakfast in the morning. Fuller stomach will allow you to concentrate on work and good work means happy you and ultimately, maybe, the impossible – a Happy Boss!

On the weekend:

  1. Have some fun time with friends and family during the week as well so that your weekend is not burdened with lots of expectations. A dinner out on weekday is a real energizer or a short walk to the park with kids or a ‘Let’s meet up for Coffee’ with friends.
  2. Make a ‘Things to do on Weekend’ list and prioritize the work with regards to their urgency. This will give mental peace and a sense of fulfilment and thus brighter start to Monday.
  3. Find ways to love your job – difficult? Well at least keep reminding yourself the reasons you are in your current job and why you would want to continue. Unable to find either of the two – please start looking for a better opportunity.
  4. If possible, you can keep a pet at home for unconditional love every day of the week including Monday.
  5. Avoid too much alcohol on Sunday. It will disturb your upcoming week. Instead plan parties for Saturday.

Happy Mondaying!!!

Sharing is Caring: so share your ideas to beat the Monday Morning Blues in comments.

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