Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely Mothers – Working or Stay-at-Home, New or Seasoned, First timers or Repeat offenders(wink), Strict or Lenient, Single or Co-Parent.

Motherhood- This word brings up the feeling of warmth, smiles, cosiness, comfort, happiness. It is true that no one can comfort a child like a mother; no one else can make you feel so much at home. But all of us who have been mothers know that this word is much more than that. It brings loads of memorable moments along with some of the most testing times of your life – from the numerous changes that body undergoes during pregnancy –physical and psychological; to giving birth to a new life; to the post partum phase full of exhaustion, sleeplessness, fatigue, frustration to the extent when some of the mommies even go into depression without actually knowing about it. On top of it, the decision of either taking a sabbatical from work or leaving workplace for good thus giving up the financial independence or continuing to work leaving the apple of your eye with someone else, it is not easy for anyone of us.

Here I can recall; a couple of years back there was so much fuss over a celebrity mom going back to work after just 15 days of delivering her baby and on the other hand, so much adulation-appreciation for another new celebrity-wife mom for staying at home with her baby. It was all over social media and newspapers. Everyone was wearing their opinion on their sleeve. It seemed ironic to me because in nature we see all new moms working to get food for their young ones, irrespective of their male counterparts getting food or taking care of the babies. Take a cue from the birds and animals around us; as soon as their eggs hatch or babies are little stable, they are out looking harder for food as now they have more tummies to fill. Agreed, Humans are more intelligent and prepare in advance for the arrival of the new one, also we have money system so we don’t have to look for food every day, but basic motherly instincts remain same – to give the best to her baby. One mother wants to care for her baby by being with her 24×7 while the other cares for her by being happy herself so that she can be at her best- psychologically, mentally, physically and professionally because a frustrated mother is not good news for the little life and its growth.

And as they say, ‘Baby doesn’t come with a manual’. Each mommy does what she thinks is the best for her little one. And let us admit every mother has the right to be happy and satisfied for herself too.


Having an opinion is good, expressing is even better but being human, the way supernatural has created us, is the best way – intelligent, uncomplicated and compassionate.

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