A Mother’s Day to Share!

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A Mother’s Day to Share!

This one goes out to all the Mothers out there – Working or Stay At Home; stuck at home with kids, especially under 10 years of age, attending Virtual Learning Classes, struggling to answer all the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’, creating make shift playgrounds in the small living spaces of homes, feeding these little humans at least 2 healthy meals a day, searching you tube and pintrest for the next time you see that well known ‘I am bored’ face, trying to inculcate some good habits or helping them discover their interests, AND all this while keeping your own sanity, work balance and the home in livable conditions, at times without any house help..You are a Super Human!

So this Mother’s Day, take a break from being just a Mother, live a day with your little being/s. Do things that you want to do but with them instead of for them:

  • Have a family size pop corn bucket and sit with them while you all watch a movie/kids friendly series, share ice cream;
  • Read a book with them and not just to them;
  • Tell them your hobbies, what you did before they were born;
  • Pre-prepare a light meal or order one, so that you do not have to hurricane through meal timings in cooking, serving and feeding everyone,
  • Sit down and eat with them while talking about their choices and tell them your choices; do they know your favorite colour, your favorite food, favorite song?;
  • Take an online hobby class with them, at least schedule and book the online class on Mother’s day for a later date,
  • Do some online shopping with them or just ask them what they want while ordering groceries;
  • Call up their Grandmothers with them and wish Mother’s Day together,  they will cherish you being someone’s child for a change;

Get to know them and let them know you, as persons and not just as mother-babies, their opinions and priorities, share yourself with them, like you would  with a friend, sit down for a while and ask the questions instead of rushing them through their respective routines, you might surprise yourself when they actually get to talk, tell them you love them one more time,  let it go if they are naughty, smile and say how it is funny to you.

We are not born just to be a Mom; we are much more than that. We don’t need to always sacrifice our choices, dreams, happiness and wishes to be a Mother. Sacrifices make us blame them for our miseries. Kids need a Mother the most, but they also desperately need a friend who can have fun with them and guide them at the same time. These future adults need more. They should be able to look up to us for inspiration, for motivation, not for being perfect but for being Humans. When they know us as individuals in their young age, then only they will be comfortable talking to us when they are grown ups.

Kids of office going mothers are aware that their moms have something else ‘as’ important in their lives (if not more), kids of Stay at Home moms also need to know that their mothers can have other purposes in life apart from running after them.

Giving these kids a good balanced life will teach them to be balanced in their adult life.  How can we expect them to have a balanced approach if we let our lives lopsidedly revolve only around them?

Mommies, have a purpose in life and let them know about it.

Go ahead, take a lead of your life, instead of just expecting our babies (or families) to make our day special, make the Mother’s Day special for yourself by being there with them, being more than a Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day lovelies! 🙂

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